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May 2, 2011, 9:47 AM

Break a Leg!

Got a call last Friday that a sweet friend of mine was being taken to the hospital. Turns out LaVon had been feeding her horses and they got a little frisky. As she backed away from them to be safe (get ready for some irony), she tripped over her feet and fell right on her leg. Long story short she broke the upper part of her femur into 3 pieces, and had to have surgery to put her back togehter like Humpty Dumpty. The next day I found myself in the surgery prep room with LaVon, her husband Buddy, and her son Will (yes, that Mr. Will that Landri watches). LaVon was a trooper, hardly complaining about the pain which was really intense, but she was sacred as any of us would be going into a surgery where they are going to use plates and screws, some of which in the words of the Dr. were, "As big around as my pinky!" So we stood around her, not saying much but just holding her hands and being there. We prayed before they wheeled her off, and then a group of us sat in the waiting room until the surgery was over to make sure everything was ok, which is how it turned out.

Now as a pastor I sit in lots of hospitals for lots of surgeries, and being there last week made me think. We really live in a world of wounded people, people who are broken. Lots of things may have done it to people; failed marriages, death of a loved one, work stress, trouble with drugs or alcohol or sex, feeling alone and unloved. People are broken, and broken people aren't all tough. As a matter of fact they often act out in their pain, lashing out at those around them with words and looks and attitudes and destructive behavior, and these people really need God to do some surgery to put their broken souls back together again.  But here's where we fall short I think, unlike how we treated LaVon, gathering around and silently being there for her and praying with her and sticking with her until the end, we often simply abandon the wounded we come into contact with. Because as the wounded lash out in their pain, we don't see hurt people, we just see our bruised feelings and we walk away instead of sitting and being there for them when no one else will. We don't pray for them, we talk about how we can't believe the way they are acting. We don't wait around until God is done with them, we leave them where they are saying things like, "Well I hope they learn they can't treat people this way!"  

What we need to realize is that these are broken people who are in pain, and they don't know how else to act. They're acting in the only way they have found to cope with their pain. Our job is not to judge them, or fix them, or to be driven off by them. Our job is to see through their pain to their brokeness, and to love them like Jesus does. And to decide to refuse to be offended by them, to refuse to walk away and leave them alone, and to refuse to quit praying for them until God pieces them back together. We do it for our people who are hurt physically, now it's time to start doing it for our people who are hurt emotionally and spiritually. Let's get invovled with some ministry, and reach out to those broken souls around us! And if you're one of those broken souls, know that you are not alone! Jesus loves you, and we are learning to! 

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