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May 2, 2011, 9:52 AM

Can You Hear The Bells???

Ok, first I'm sorry it has been a while since I've written, things have been just a little bit hectic lately! But I'm back now, and have got to tell you what just happened. I was in my office just finishing my quiet time when my secretary (Lisa) called me. She said the hospital was on the phone, they needed a minister and wanted to know if I could come by for a patient. So I headed out.

When I arrived, I went to the nurses station and a sweet nurse told me of a patient who was very sad, and had some family issues. The nurse had asked if she would like a chaplain and so they called me. The nurse just wanted to help and was crying herself for this lady at this time, and I was so impressed at her caring heart. Thank God for those kind of people who really care for others! I don't remember her name or I'd put it here so everyone could know what a good job she did! I'll do it anyway, Nurse Idon'trememberyourname, great job!

So I went to see the patient, Bertha, (I remember her name!). She was in a room with her Mom and a sister. Her family left so we could talk, and Bertha started sharing her story with me. She cares for her Mom who is elderly, and had even quit her job to do so, but that had caused a lot of tension in her life and she was very stressed. Then last night she got in an argument with her nieces boyfriend because he wasn't treating her right, and the stress gave her chest pains which put her in the hospital. She had been crying when her family and the nurse came in, and when they asked why, she said because she had been talking to God. They asked if God had made her cry, and she said, "No, I was crying out to Him." I got excited about this, but not as much as I did when she went on to say, "I feel like I need forgiveness, and I want that from God." I affirmed that He was the only one who could forgive, and she asked an even better question, "How can I know if He forgives me?"

Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I can see that the Holy Spirit is working on this girl, so I told her about 1 John 1:9 which says that if we confess our sins He will forgive us and make us right. And then I told her about how we're separated from God by our sin, and how we lack forgiveness and peace because of that. Then I told her how God loved us so much He sent Jesus to come and pay for forgiveness, and how He did that by dying on the cross, and that if we'll believe in Him we can have our sins forgiven and find peace, and that if we do that  then God looks at us He sees His beloved child and we can have relationship with Him. I then asked Bertha if that is something she wanted to do, and she said yes, that was exactly what she needed! So we prayed, and she accepted Jesus!!!

Now would be the time to stop and do one of the following if you're reading this: clap, shout, dance around, freestyle rap about how good God is, nod your head solemnly that this is a good thing. I'll wait.......................are you done? I hope you didn't choose the head nodding! I mean how good is God? He seemingly randomly worked things out so that everything fell into place so that a hurting soul in desperate need of Him had people care for her enough to call me so I could tell her the amazing truth, and she met that truth in the person of Jesus!!! And she was not the same when I left the room as when I went in, not because I did anything, but because she was now a forgiven child of the Sovereign Creator of the Universe who had forgiveness and peace when only minutes before she had none! That is amazing!!!

Needless to say, that got me a little pumped up. Made me think how in Luke 15:7 Jesus says there is great rejoicing in heaven when a sinner is saved. And that made me think of an old song about them ringing the bells in heaven when someone gets saved. So I started singing that song loudly and offf key in my car on the way back to the church, and I think God smiled and sang with me! Can you hear the bells??? The picture on this page is the Liberty bell, I thought that was appropriate since Bertha had been set free today. Guys (and girls), be ready! As we follow God and strive to be His, be ready because you never know when He might call you to help a lost sheep, and then to celebrate with Him when that sheep is found. God is so good!!! Now I have to get back to my singing....."Can you hear those bells a ringing? Can't you hear the angels singing? It's  glory hallelujah to the King!" 

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