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May 2, 2011, 10:04 AM

Church At Cowboy Stadium

So I had a hard time Monday. Due to circumstances beyond my control I found myself in attendance at the Monday Night Football game in the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas (my Christmas present from my wife, she's most definitely a keeper!). Let's just say that new stadium is amazing. It is enormous, and beautiful and expensive. Really, it is quite impressive. From the distance around from one end to the other at 1/4 mile, to the massive high def tv screen that is so big I felt the need to include this little picture that helps describe how amazing it is!  And the quality of picture is so amazing that it really is like you're watching tv at home, if your tv was 159 ft wide by 71 ft tall! And the more I thought as I sat there at the game taking in the atmosphere and the people and everything, I was struck by the feeling that I had been in a setting like this before. And it took me until the third quarter to realize why, being in Cowboys stadium was like being in church!

I mean think about it. Everyone comes to the stadium because that's where you go if you want to see the Cowboys. There is sacrificial giving. Sodas cost $6, beer $8, and nachos $8.50. But the best was a large pizza for $35, and believe me, people gave sacrificially! There was an altar, the giant screen, upon which was put the things we were to worship. The main thing we were suppossed to worship? Judging by how much screen time they got, we were to worship in order: The cheerleaders, the players, and other fans. No lie, the biggest cheer when they introduced the team came when they introduced the cheerleaders. Another reason it felt like church was all the characters. From the loud but funny fans from the other team that everyone jeered, to the drunk red-neck in front of me calling all the players mamma's boys, to the 30-something guy next to me who stood the whole game and tried repeatedly to get everyone to yell "Go Cowboys" to the Asian couple in front of me who sat still and quiet the whole time. But perhaps the most church-like feeling came from the large crowd together for one purpose. At one point they even ran a graphic on the screen that said this: One tribe (they then showed crazy dressed fans). One people (showed normal fans wearing lots of 'boys merchandise). 82,000+ can come together for one purpose if they choose! (And everyone starts cheering like crazy).

Whether anyone realized it or not, Monday night was not a football game, it was a worship service. The goal was to worship something silly and passing, but it was never-the-less a worship service, I should know because I've been in lots of them! And I realized that people are indeed created to worship, and feel the need to find things bigger than themselves to pour into. To find meaning in community and common goals and purposes, to give of themselves to a cause. And our world is so jacked up, that instead of turning to the Creator of the Universe as the object of that worship, 82,000+ human beings worshipped other human beings who were really built and were wearing a football or cheerleading uniform. All those people worshipping a game...and all the while their souls were stirring inside them saying , "This feels good, but there must be something more...something lasting longer than the time it takes to play a game."

So I'm thinking this, and looking around the stadium at this massive group of people and their situation, when God whispers something to me. "Kevin, I love these people. Every single one. From the cheerleader on the screen to the drunk redneck. I love them and died for them. So Kevin, let me ask your Jesus big enough for all of them?" And I sat there stunned. Wondering if the Christianity that I sell would be any more fulfilling to these people than their football game. Because they need something real and lasting, not church or religion, but something to worship with all of their being like they were trying to do with the Cowboys. And I wonder, do I know and share a Jesus that is so worthy of worhsip that I sell out to Him with every aspect of my life as these fans did to the Cowboys? Is that the Jesus I'm selling, or have I been lazy and presented a boring Jesus who is simply a moral watchdog to tell you how to live and to whack you when you mess up?

I need to get back to worshipping the Jesus who is: The Lion of Judah, The Great I Am, The Mighty Warrior, The Captain of Salvation, The King, The Lord, The Foundation, The Life, The Way, The Truth, The Conquorer, The ROCK!!!! Because that's a Jesus worth worshipping, that's a Jesus worth loving, that's a Jesus worth giving everything for. That's a Jesus that will save and satisfy your soul! That's the Jesus that 82,000+ need, that's the Jesus I need. The Jesus who is so big that when I thought I was going to a football game took me to church instead. That's the Jesus I need to be about you? 

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