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May 2, 2011, 10:15 AM

Clogged Lives

Are you enjoying spring break? I mean I know most of you are like me and don’t have the week off, but most of us are affected in some way with kids or grandkids being out of school or perhaps trying to take at least one day off to spend with the family. This Sunday, I thought my family was getting a head start on spring break, because following morning worship we had a potluck/diaper shower (can’t say enough thanks to Megan and all the ladies for their hard work and to my wonderful church family who made us feel so loved!!), and then we cancelled church for Sunday night because everyone was exhausted and so busy. So, I went home, enjoyed a brief nap, and then a quick Wal-Mart run to prepare for the birth of Kenlee which happens next month (already??!!!). On the way home Jolee says that we should invite someone over for supper, so we called the Jones family and they came over for dinner. After dinner we were sitting around watching Undercover Boss and talking about how we thought that show had an interesting premise. It was around that point that Landri (my four year old daughter) comes running around the corner telling me that there was water on the floor of the bathroom. I told her I’d look at it in a minute, but she was quite insistent that I proceed with all haste to come examine the situation. I of course assumed she and her friends had been playing in the sink and spilled some water, so imagine when I turn the corner and realize that my hallway, kitchen and living room are doing their best imitation of the flood. I immediately run into the bathroom, realize the toilet if chockfull of toilet paper and running incessantly and turn off the water supply to it.
Needless to say, anger followed, quickly surpassed by awe at the sheer amount of water in such a short time, ending in a flurried succession of calls leading to a mad dash to Bill Pyle’s house for a shop vac (big kudos for Bill being deacon on the spot helping the pastor!) and a quick rush home to rapidly dry the house! After much wringing out of towels, carrying out wet rugs, and squeegeeing (spell check insists that isn’t a word but trust me, it is) of the tile with the shop vac, I got to the source of the problem. Realizing that the toilet wasn’t going to unclog itself, and that the toilet paper had to be taken out, I dug in with both hands. My first scoop must have held at least a roll of toilet paper, which I flung into the trashcan. But imagine my surprise on the next scoop, when not only did I get toilet paper, but also a special surprise. There are some things you do as a dad that you never need to talk about…and that was one of those times. Five minutes of plunging followed and soon the house was back to a semblance of normalcy, if you don’t count me doing my best Lady MacBeth impersonation at the bathroom sink scrubbing my hands.
Turns out Landri had used the restroom, and then before flushing blew her nose (repeatedly) with toilet paper which she then threw in the toilet as well. It didn’t go down, so she decided that flushing over and over would work better, which led to the toilet tsunami. Want to see a spiritual application out of this? Here’s what I got…
We have to deal with a lot of “stuff” in our every-day life. Some brought on by ourselves, some brought on by others. Oftentimes this is too much for us to handle, especially when we add to that all the other things in life we’ve added in. Let’s put it like this: You marriage is hard, then your boss yells at you at work, your kids have so much going on you’re never at home, there’s never enough paycheck for all the bills, your friend is mad at you for something you said that was taken the wrong way…and next thing you know, you’ve got a clogged life. You try and fix it by flushing repeatedly, or by being what everyone thinks you should be, or hiding your true feelings, or just toughing it out. The problem is, you’re not superman, and pack everything down enough times, and you’re gonna blow! And when you blow, it’s not pretty…some turn to affairs, other alcohol or drugs, some just run away from a marriage or their kids, some run away from God, and some even start thinking about ending it all. But when you blow it gets all over you, your life, and anyone in range and you all get covered in nastiness.
So what’s the solution? Well, there’s a couple of steps.
1)      Unclog your life. Quit pushing more stuff into your life than any three normal people can handle. Focus on the big problem areas and deal with them instead of running away from them. This step is smelly and hard, because no one wants to deal with it. But find the clogs and get rid of them. If it’s your marriage, learn to talk. If it’s your job, change your attitude or get a new one. If it’s your kids, love them through it. Some things we just can’t pack away, and we’re better off dealing with them, even if it is uncomfortable and gross, then letting them explode.
2)      Plunge your life. Get back to the place where you can connect with what keeps you running smooth. Anyone remember Psalm 46:10?  “Be still and know I am God.” A clogged life usually means you’re connection with God is clogged too, and if that isn’t running, neither will your life. Also, the best life unclogger you’ll ever meet is God. Why don’t you ask Him what the important things in your life should be instead of deciding for yourself?
3)      Laugh at your life. The last thing I did Sunday night was laugh because Landri was not purposely ruining our house, it was all just an accident. Things happen, you clean them up and laugh and move on, or you get clogged. Often I’ve been at the point where in my life it was laugh or cry, so I laugh because it makes me feel better. Quit taking you and your life so seriously. When you’re in heaven, I guarantee you won’t look back and wish you had been more serious about your life, so don’t freak about it now.   

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a clogged life I need to work on... 

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