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May 2, 2011, 9:56 AM


Wow. I was at the church pretty early today and walked in with it being still and hot and humid outside. An hour and a half later walked out and found cool, breeze and rain. What a welcome change! Made me think about my life. So often I seem to get lazy and careless and allow my life to become so hot and dry, and I treasure those sweet moments when God blows new breath on me and rains down His spirit refreshing me. I need those times because they renew my hope, and they encourage my faith, and they spur on my love!

Love...there's an interesting thought. Been doing a lot of thinking about love lately, and who and what I love, and neglect to love. Funny isn't it how we talk so much about loving God, and yet seem to struggle so mightily in doing so. Let me throw another John Eldredge quote your way,

"We are, abover all else, self-centered, the very opposite of how the Trinity lives. You have loved God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength? You have loved your neighbor as yourself? 

Neither have I.

We fail on the most essential virtue of all, the virtue of Eden: we fail when it comes to loving."

Hmmm...sounds bad, but not really. Truth like this is always painful, but also necessary. For it is only when we face the truth that we can realize where  we are, and start making the changes to get where we need to be. So after reading this quote I started thinking and praying about changing how I love. And do you know what happened? God breathed fresh breath and rained His spirit down on me.

Just since this morning I was able to meet and talk about my heart and pray with some other men who are desperately seeking to become the men God has called them to be who are willing to walk with me so we don't have to walk this road alone. I was able to go to a nursing home and sing songs with the sweet old folks, and watch almost in tears as Landri my 4 year old held hands almost the entire time with a lady who every time I see her cries and tells me how lonely she is. For the first time ever she left the meeting room with a smile on her face. I got a call from a dear friend who had received terrible news about his family, and was able to listen to him and pray with him over the phone and grieve with him. And in the midst of his hurt know his love for me, and affirm my love for him. 

Amazing. God is good, and His love is so great. It is new every morning, it is a refreshing rain, it is a cool breeze, it is a reminder of why life matters. I know you've been so busy with life, stuff, family, work, ect...   and I write this just to encourage you to stop and pray for God to breath on you, to rain down His spirit. To remind you of His love for you, and to allow you to practice your love for Him to others. Let's determine to not fail at loving, but lets work at becoming the world's greatest lovers.


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