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February 16, 2012, 8:46 AM


                Last night for our meeting time, instead of teaching we practiced worship. We are made to worship, and it helps to keep things in their correct perspective when we do. In other words, it makes me put my focus where it belongs, on God, and off where it doesn’t, on me alone. I truly believe one reason we struggle so much in our walk is that we have a lack of deep, intimate and real worship. We settle for a quick verse of the day and a couple of songs from KLove instead of consuming ourselves with the wonderful reality that is our God. Worship refocuses, renews, reawakens and revives us. We must practice this discipline more if we expect to see things correctly and find the joy we long for.

                So last night we all practiced worship in different ways, one of which was to try and write out what we feel about God and His love for us and what that means to us. There were some good reflections shared on this last night, unfortunately I didn’t get copies of any of them. So here’s what I wrote, just my reflections on my God.

                I have nothing, yet have everything. I am worthless, yet I am priceless. I am a traitor, yet I am beloved. I am unfaithful, yet I am righteous. I am blind, yet I see. All I am, all I have, all I know, all I will be is because of Jesus. There is no me without Him. Everything I know about life, love, faith, forgiveness is because He taught me when I did not care or love Him. Even my love for Him is not because I’m good, but because He took the initiative and loved me first. I worry about prestige when I already have the only title that matters, His…saved…forgiven…taken…redeemed. I am fixed, but not fully until he returns. So for now I see things darkly, the shifting shadows fool and entice me, my affections are easily swayed. Yet my position is not changed, so even in my weakness I am constantly pursued and wooed.  My Lord, my Master, my Love is fierce for me. A mighty warrior He tears down all obstacles I throw up and leads me to life. He is fearful and majestic and holy. The stars hold their breath when His brilliance passes them by. The sun bows down in winder and awe. The wind blows only to cover the earth with a sense of His presence. His holiness melts away everything…everything. He is justice unbridled, truth incarnate, righteousness revealed and none can stand His presence. There is nowhere to flee his correct wrath, but I do not run because I am guilty yet innocent. I am destroyed, yet I am redeemed. I am sinner, yet holy. This is too much for me, and I quake to even think on it. For You are so wonderful, and yet mindful of me. All glory is due You. If I were to sing Your praises the rest of my days, I will have yet to begun to describe Your boundaries. My heart runs from You yet I long for You. You do not complete me, You make me completely. From my beginning to end You have laid out my steps and numbered my days. There is nothing to me that is not Yours completely. Use me. Pour out from my voice Your love, truth, hope and faith. Teach me to be a witness. Fill me with Your Spirit and send me to Your people. My words ache to be Yours, to be filled with meaning and purpose. I AM YOURS. Remind me. Hem me in behind and before. Never let my heart wander from You my hope, my joy and meaning. Change my heart. Teach me to love You oh my God!

                How about you? Have you worshipped God intentionally lately? Why don’t you do it now?

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