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May 2, 2011, 10:11 AM

Rescue Team

This morning when I woke up I do what I always do and turned on the tv to catch the news. Of course, the lead story was the disaster that has occurred in Haiti. As of the last statistics I saw there are 70,000 confirmed dead and experts believe in the next week that number will climb to well over 100,000. Do you realize that many people is equal to the population of Abilene? Imagine if everyone in Abilene was suddenly killed in a disaster. The enormity of this whole disaster is truly beyond thought.
I know this isn’t the first disaster recently, or even the deadliest, but I’m sad to say that it seems like these disasters aren’t “real” to us. I don’t know if it is because we see this kind of disaster on the movies all the time or on the news, but we need to remind ourselves that these are real people really suffering, and not simply some characters we see on the television. On that note, I am excited and proud of FBCKC. Yesterday when we asked people to sacrificially give to Haiti, the church gave $1045.15!!! With that being multiplied three times through grants, we’re essentially giving $4180.60. We will not send in the offering until next Monday, so those of you who asked if you could still give this coming Sunday, the answer is yes.
On another note, I have to tell you something I saw on the reporting this morning that made me think. The report was focusing in on a rescue team from Miami that was looking for survivors in the rubble. It has been six days since the quake and most rescues occur within the first three days, or people aren’t rescued at all, just bodies are found. But a man was working in the rubble of his home when he heard what he thought were voices. He yelled, and to his surprise a voice yelled back from the collapsed house next to his. The man’s next door neighbors were a single mom with four children. She made it out carrying her 3 year old son, but her 6 year old son Nezer had gone back in the house to try and help his 14 year old sister and 5 year old brother out, and the house fell in on him and his siblings. Now the neighbor heard the voice of the daughter and the younger son, and he went and found the rescue team from Miami.
The team came over and quickly and carefully cut away the concrete and rebar, and out of the rubble and death, pulled the boy and his older sister. The cries of joy from his mother were unintelligible joy, and as her son was pulled away to the hospital he raised a shaky little arm and gave the thumbs up. But as much joy as his rescue brought, there was terrible sorrow as well. The sister had thought that her older brother (named Kevin) was alive in the rubble with her, but as the rescuers got to him they found that he had died sometime after the collapse. His sister laid on a stretcher wailing her anguish at losing her brother, moaning that she thought he alive but she couldn’t see that he was dead.
This terrible and wonderful story really made me think spiritually. Our world is a disaster, and has been devastated by sin. It has collapsed what was once good and made it wasteland. And because of that there are people all over this world trapped and dying. Buried under their sin, and separately in need of rescue by the Savior, and we are the recue team! We are the ones who need to be out in the rubble looking for survivors, helping pull them to safety and freedom, pointing them to Jesus. We are the ones who must be sacrificing our time and comfort to save those who have no hope that they might find life in Him. And our job is the most important one in the world, because lives are on the line. Are we looking for those souls in need of help, are we giving our all to rescue them? After all we should all remember that it wasn’t so long ago that we were the trapped ones crying out for anyone to come and rescue us.
Pray for broken hearts church…for the people lost and dying in Haiti that need help, for the people lost and dying here in Karnes City that need Jesus. Will you be part of the rescue team?
Here is a link to the story I was talking about 
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