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May 2, 2011, 10:20 AM

Watching For A Wreck

 This morning as I drove my two oldest girls into school, we went through our normal routine. About halfway to school, I pray out loud for the girls and how their day will go. I pray that they will be sweet and kind and that they will find people who need to be loved and that they will love them like God loves them, that they will learn a lot and be safe, and have good days. I feel like these prayers are important and really stress to my kids the importance of putting God first and letting Him be Lord of every aspect of our lives. With that in mind, you can imagine my disappointment when I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Jentri writing in her “book” (a short story she’s been working on in her journal) and catch Landri looking around like nothing is going on. At this point I decide I need to address their lack on concern and involvement with this important way we are starting our day. So I say in my best Daddy/Preacher voice, “Look girls, when Daddy prays for us at the start of the day, we don’t need to be writing in our books or just looking around to see what is going on. You need to pay more attention.” I then waited to see the reaction from my two passengers. Jentri abashedly closes her book and responds with a somewhat subdued, “Yes sir.” I expected the same from Landri, and I should have know better. In a very confident and self-assured voice, she proclaims to me quite loudly, “Well I was just making sure that we didn’t get in a wreck.” My response? I burst out laughing and Jentri quickly explained to Landri that when Daddy prays while he drives he keeps his eyes open. Landri thought about this for a moment and retorts, “Oh. Well, still…”

                As I thought about this encounter with two of my biggest blessings, it made me reflect on two things. The first is how ridiculously wonderful God has been in giving me four wonderful little girls, and that although there is a severe overflow of estrogen at my house I would not have it any other way. God has made me richer in life through my children! The second thought is how like Landri we are in our faith with God. God is driving the car, and instead of resting in that thought, we look around all the time trying to avoid the wreck that we are sure will come if God has total control of our life. We get nervous just thinking about the change He might demand in our life. The thoughts He wants to take over and change to be more like His. The habits He desires to break in us and then instill in us new ones. The very possibility that total surrender to Him means, “losing our lives in order that we might find them,” frightens so many believers so badly they never really experience what it is to walk with God. At church yesterday I was encouraged and felt led to pray when a woman shared her prayer request that she desires to give God all of herself, yet it scares her to death to do so because of what God might demand and change in her. At the end of her request she looked around the room and said, “Maybe you all can’t relate to that.” The words were barely out of her mouth before a guy across the room quickly said, “I understand exactly what you’re saying. It’s frightening.”  
                I know that from our perspective, it definitely seems like giving God every bit of ourselves is like getting into a car that we know is going to end up wrecked. The reality however, is quite the opposite. If God is really sovereign, the creator and designer of the universe, could there be anyone else who it would be wiser to let drive our lives? We must at some point come to the conclusion that God who knows not only how to drive our lives, but where each road will take us can lead our lives so much better than we can from the backseat where we can’t even see where we’re going. The writer of Proverbs put it this way, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path,” (italics are mine). God might have plans to drive your life in ways and areas that seem very scary and out of control to you, that might make no sense to you. And that’s ok! We’re not God and we’re not going to understand all of what He does and why. However we can trust Him, and the fact that He loves us and has plans for us that in the end will lead us right to Him, even though the road may be hard. Makes me think of Rascal Flatt’s song “God Bless The Broken Road,” except the road doesn’t lead us to a person but to God Himself. Yes it will be a bumpy ride, no it won’t always feel safe and you most definitely will not be in control. You will be called to let go of things, to trust when it doesn’t make sense and to ruthlessly abandon yourself to God. But it leads you right to God.
                So let me encourage you to quit worrying about the wreck. I mean when you consider our lives, don’t they wreck enough with us at the wheel? But instead let us take a step of faith and let God take the wheel and to go any road He pleases at any speed He pleases, knowing He loves us and has plans for us  that end with us in His arms (see Jeremiah 29:11). As for me, I’m going to quit white-knuckling the seat and throw my arms up and enjoy the ride, after all Landri is watching to make sure we don’t get into a wreck! 
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