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May 2, 2011, 10:07 AM

What Are You Looking At?

Been a long time since my last blog…life can be hectic. Since Thanksgiving is this week, thought I’d share 2 stories with you that I’m thankful for. The first comes from dear friend of mine who is a music minister in Hong Kong. She shares a story about how God can redeem anyone. In the story no names are used because most people in Hong Kong are simply studying or working there short time, and must soon return to mainland China. As you know, mainland China frowns on anything other than state sponsored Christianity, so names are frequently withheld for protection. Here’s the story she shared with me:
On January 23 of this year, a Hong Kong truck driver was driving drunk when he struck a taxi, killing all six occupants.  This driver, Mr. L, ended up encountering some Christians and found his way to our church.  Though his English is limited, he attends regularly.  Yesterday, he was baptized at our church, and—as is our custom here at KIBC—he shared his faith journey at that time.  (You will find portions of the English translation of his testimony below.)  Throughout the service, his seven-year-old daughter sobbed, inconsolably.  As we sang “God Will Take Care of You” and “It is Well with My Soul” thereafter, I found myself pondering the fact that if ever a family needed to hear such a word of hope, this was it.  Mr. L faces trial in a few weeks; prayers for him and his family are welcomed.  
Mr. L’s story:   Early this year, I was in a detention centre for couple of days due to a fatal car crash; lives were lost. Even though I was granted bail, I was deeply sorry for my part in the situation which caused families to lose their loved ones. The accident was a nightmare. I nearly broke down, and a family member worried about me, and then suggested I seek help from his Christian friend, T.
T. brought me to church where I met a lot of friends. Though they knew I had a trial waiting for me, not only did they not look down upon me, but they also prayed for me. When I was sick, they visited me; their love made me feel the presence of our Lord, so I decided to accept Jesus as my personal Savior.
I’ve changed since I became a Christian; I’ve learned how to trust God, for I lift my wife and my daughter up to Him. I have courage from Him to take up my responsibilities and to face the coming trial. I even had courage to let my dear daughter know that I may have to be in jail because of the fatal accident. I asked her to be good to her mama and study hard. We hugged each other in tears. It was the first time I really felt I’d set an example for her – to be brave and to learn lessons from consequences though they may be painful. I come for Bible study and worship every Sunday.  I’ve learned the teachings and the miracles of Jesus, and they’re so true and so real. I’m so thankful for His grace. I’ve decided to follow Jesus—no turning back. -Mr. L
The other story is from close to home. Yesterday morning right before church, I got the opportunity to talk with a guy named Joseph. He wanted to be baptized, and as I explained that what he really needed was a personal relationship with Jesus. I asked him if that was what he wanted to do, and he said, “Most definitely.” But then he paused for a moment, and looked me in the eye and asked, “Will God accept me like this?” and he motioned to his big neon green earrings and clothing that some people would say was not church clothing (as if there were such a thing.) I smiled at him and said that in the Bible God tells us that man looks at the outside, but God look sat out hearts. So I asked him if his heart was ready, and He said, “Without a doubt.” And then Joseph started a relationship with Jesus.
2 guys that people would have trouble with for different reasons, and now 2 guys that are our brothers. Wow! Aren’t you glad that God meets us where we are and regardless of what we’ve done and welcomes us into His family! Where would we be without that kind of love? So what am I thankful for? For Mr. L and Joseph, my 2 new brothers, and for all my family striving to walk faithfully with our Lord. What are you thankful for? Leave a comment sharing what you’re thankful to God for that we might encourage one another! 
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