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February 7, 2012, 5:53 PM

Whiskers of Love

              Last Friday was a big day in our household…no, it was momentous. You see last Friday was the district UIL meet for the elementary school, and my oldest Jentri was competing in two events. This was such a big deal mainly because it meant she had to practice after school since last semester on random days for random amounts of time resulting in her father continually being late to pick up her up or forgetting her altogether, and now that was over, Selah (This is a biblical thing, google it). Oh yeah, this was also a big deal because she was competing in Ready Writing and Storytelling, and last year she placed 2nd in storytelling and did not place in creative writing. So to say hopes and dreams and expectations were all running very high would be quite an understatement especially since we’re dealing with a eight year old girl.   

                When I arrived at the meet near the end, I was mobbed by Jentri and told how she had won 1st place in Ready Writing, and was eagerly awaiting the results of storytelling. She was acting a little weird (again, hard to define what that looks like for an eight year old girl) and bouncing around a lot which didn’t make sense until she told me she had used the voucher the school had given her to buy and eat 2 snickers and some sour ropes. After a ridiculously long period of time, they finally announced the results, starting with 6th place and counting down. When they announced second place and Jentri realized that is was someone else and that she had won she screamed (like a girl) and hugged all her friends.

                Man, I was proud of her right then. She is so smart and creative it didn’t surprise me at all to see her do well, but it pleased me immensely to see her enjoying the fruit of her hard work. But do you know, that wasn’t the best thing she did that day? Hours later when we got home, everyone was pretty tired out. I sat on the couch and was joined immediately by Aleigh, my 3 year old, on one side and Jentri on the other. I honestly think I might be a black hole that only attracts my children whenever I sit down, because the minute I do they all are inexorably drawn to gather on my lap, arms, back or wherever they can get. There are actually fights about who gets to sit with Daddy. But that night, none of that happened, just two of my girls by my side. Aleigh eventually wondered off, but Jentri sat right there, arms wrapped around one of mine with her knees drawn up to her chest with her head right by mine. She slowly leaned over and started rubbing her cheek on mine, and after awhile smiled and said, “I love how your whiskers are scratchy.”

                It was at that moment that I was most pleased and proud of my daughter that day. Because while it is great and good that she won first place in two hard events at her district UIL meet, I do not love and enjoy her because she is smart and does things well. I love her because she is my daughter, and what thrills my soul is not when she does things, even great things but when she simply lets herself be my daughter and loves me as her father. My day was made that night on the couch, not at the UIL meet.

                How silly we are not to realize that things work the same way with God. We feel this overpowering need to perform and produce in order to please God and to make Him love us or even like us, and spend so much time doing things to impress Him or to appease Him, that we feel like we can never do enough or be good enough to really be liked, much less loved by Him. Why do we think God requires us to do things for Him to love us? The cross was nothing we did, and is all that is required for us to be loved by God. He loves us first, and is waiting for us to love Him back, not do things for Him. Yet as we spend all our time and effort to usually grudgingly do things for God never realizing that what he wants is just us. A friend sent me an email the other day and had a profound thought, “Remember, God is not nearly has concerned with the produce of your life has He is the character of your life.  Anything He wants done He can do without you.  The one thing He can’t do is have a relationship with you without you.  That’s His primary agenda.  Enjoy Him and let Him enjoy you.” We’ve known this for so long, and yet we forget! As a matter of fact in the 1640’s the Westminster Shorter Catechism wrote as its first question and answer, “What is man’s primary purpose? To love God and enjoy Him forever.” The Psalmist put it this way in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know I am God.” Be still and love Him. Selah.

That’s what Jentri did with me that night, and that’s what must learn to do with God. So I don’t know how it needs to look for you, or what method you might need to take to do it, but quit being so busy for God, and crawl up on His lap and rub your cheek against His and love Him. How have you loved God lately?  


11-12-2012 at 11:22 AM
Lydia Wiatrek
Love the analogy...really makes you think

On a more funny note... from what I hear from my parents, it was my oldest brother's fault, but I was left at church as a baby. On the upside, the pastor enjoyed my company. :-)
02-09-2012 at 9:12 AM
Ed Griffin
Wow, I sent close to the same message this morning to Beth. Sometimes we must just be still, and know that God has already mapped our day out. Travels (life) of any sort or kind can be scarey and full of doudt, but His presents will safety, hope and love. Thanks for the whiskers. Selah
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