THis Years Theme:

In our social media-saturated world, filters are everywhere. Whether they are literal filters we apply to a photo or ways of acting or speaking that portray a certain image, they distort reality. It’s dangerous enough when
these filters affect the way we see ourselves or each other, but what about when they affect our walks with
Jesus? Seeing God clearly is the first step to seeing ourselves, others, and everything else clearly.

We all hide behind filters to some extent. Culture sends messages of who to be and how to look, and most of
us want to show others that we can live up to that. But if we’re being honest, it can be exhausting to constantly maintain a good image, to continuously hide your flaws and brokenness. What if you could come out from
hiding and experience the full extent of God’s grace? What if you could freely live for Christ as his child, made
in his image?


That’s what this DNow event is all about: Learning to see God, ourselves, and others clearly.

No Filter…Stop Hiding. Live Unhindered.

Sojourn youth on Wednesday

7th - 12th graders are welcome to come 6-7p for a night of fun, fellowship and a bible based devotional.  

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Sunday School

7th - 12th graders join us in the Youth Room at 9:45a for Sunday School.  

We study curriculum from The Gospel Project.